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About us

The combinations of strong winters and long summer and the abundance of sun hours provides Moldova soil with a quite taste to it’s products which is located between Black Sea and the Carpathian Mountains. Therefore we can proudly say that our taste makes the difference!

  • We have been in business for over 21 years.
  • The first orchard was planted in 2007, now it covers an area of 170 hectares, located in Anenii Noi district, in a beautiful village Cobusca Veche.
  • At the moment, we have 82 employers and room to grow.
  • The cooler storage is located near our Tintareni Village with a capacity of 500 tones.
  • Blossoming orchard specializes in homegrown plums such as stanley, president, pitestean and black amber. We also grow cherries, sour-cherries and apricots.

Our Fruits

Our company supplies freshest, highest quality fruit, with guaranteed food safety grown
under specific circumstances.

  • Plums - Stanley Plums - Stanley
  • Plums - President Plums - President
  • Plums - Pitestean Plums - Pitestean
  • Plums - Cabardinca Plums - Cabardinca
  • Plums - Udlinionnaia Plums - Udlinionnaia
  • Sour Cherries - Erni Sour Cherries - Erni
  • Apricots - A1 Apricots - A1
According to pre-orders, we produce dried and blanched plums
Dried and blanched plums

Why us

  • 1 We offer fresh products about 1000 - 1500 tones per year.
  • 2 We package the fruits directly from our own orchards or cool storage.
  • 3 We have financial resources and diversified income, which allows us to invest more in infrastructure, quality of product and create a sustainable agriculture.
  • 4 We offer competative prices and can storage goods for customers in our cool storage for as long as needed.
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Office Address: Republic of Moldova, Chisinau MD-2068, 7/4 Moscova Street
Packing House Address: Republic of Moldova, Țînțăreni, Anenii-Noi
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